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Friday, December 2, 2011

Four alerts in four days

This week, the Buffalo Airport’s aircraft rescue and firefighting team responded to four alerts in four days. There is nothing suspicious or linking the events, the numbers are just odd.

Buffalo Airport Fire Chief Chris Putney said, “Our alerts can run anywhere from 14 a year to 42 a year, but it's highly unusual to have four in a row.”

On Sunday night, an American Airlines flight made an unscheduled stop in Buffalo due to smoke. On Monday, a United Airlines flight returned because of engine trouble. Tuesday USAir had trouble. A smoke concern brought back a United Express flight Wednesday afternoon. In each instance, no injuries were reported.

Speaking of reporting, WIVB took in interest in the numbers, visited the ARFF crew and produced a piece for the evening news. WIVB likes anything to do with the number four.