NFTA Transporter

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The sustainable airport

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport has become one of the only airports in North American developing a sustainable master plan. In concert with Erie Community College, the airport is working towards an efficient, effective community asset that is also a good neighbor.

Sustainability is a broad concept, comprising the use of renewable energy, careful management of natural resources and conversation. For an airport, it also means minimizing waste and stormwater runoff. Having a plan that addresses these issues into the future helps an Airport focus and prepare. The BNIA sustainable master plan will achieve all of the Federal Aviation Administration-required elements of a master plan, but with a focus on reduction the airports “carbon footprint” and greater focus on making the airport a healthier place for people and the planet.

Utilizing brainstorming sessions with area stakeholders, a number of ideas are now being considered with regard air service. Heat loss, electric shuttles, radiant deicing systems, water reuse and more efficient lighting are ideas that have come out of the planning process and could possibly help the BNIA keep the region moving and keep the environment clean.